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Warm cuppa, cold morning. Fall is undeniably underway. #truenorth #sweaterweather #teatime

Villandry gave it his all but came 4th in the Northern Dancer Turf. #womile (at Woodbine Racetrack)

Drama at the Northern Dancer Turf! #womile (at Woodbine Racetrack)

Drama at the Woodbine Mile! #womile (at Woodbine Racetrack)

On it like Bond. #casinoroyale (at Estates of Sunnybrook)

Team-up time!

Forever love. 

But HOLY HELL was it GORGEOUS. @madmartyr #tennessee #downsouth (at I 75 N)

Atlanta, it’s been a huge pleasure once again. We’re on the road back to Toronto with our hearts full of love for friends we saw and those who were present in spirit. More fantastic memories and incredible craftsmanship. Thank you, DragonCon. (at I-75 Northbound)

Another year in the books. Proud to be an Avenger. #spiderwoman #avengers #dragoncon (at Hilton Atlanta)